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Financial Assistance

Currently we do not provide Financing Directly for any of our homes, but we can help you with our Free Financial Assistance, which consists in helping you fill up an application and find you the right bank or financial institution that can provide you with the lowest interest rate available for you to purchase one of our homes.

We will commit to follow up and work on your behalf with banks or financial institutions, saving you time and speeding up the process. 

We have plenty of banks that work with us and give loan for Manufactured Homes, but some are limited depending on your area or where you decide to place your new home. 

The main requirements for this process are the following:

1 Fill our application as accurate as possible.
You can fill up an application in our Office, stop by to pick one up and fill it up at home and then bring it back or simply Click Below on Print or Download Application and then email it, fax it or drop it off at our Office.
Copy of your Driver's License or ID card.
All copies are safely secured in our Office and are later destroyed or handed back to you after the application process has finished. You could also text or email us a Picture of it.


​​3  Copy of your paste up or paychecks from your place of work.

Usually Banks require evidence of payments you have received in the last 3 months to estimate if your income is sufficient to cover the payments on your new Home.


4  Copy of your Taxes filed the last 2 years.

These are important to determine your stability and are part of the approval process.

5 Proof of Residency or Work Permit in the United States.

Some banks require you to be a US Resident and some don't. If you don't have any of these, please call us and talk to us about your situation and perhaps we could provide you with alternate ways to help you out.

6 Security Deposit.

We will require you to give us minimum a $500 (five hundred dollars) Security Deposit, which will be taken down as a small down payment for the home when your Loan gets approved. This deposit will tie the Home to you, and no other customers will be able to apply for it. And it is completely 100% refundable IF your loan is not Denied. 

Down Payment.

Some banks require you to have at least a 20% of the amount you need to purchase one of our homes, or some collateral property of equal or more value, but it all depends on your credit report and other factors. Basically the more down payment you give, the less will be the loan, the payments and you will end up paying your home a lot faster. IF you do not have at least 20% of the price of the home or any collateral property that could cover it, call us and perhaps we could provide you with alternate ways to help you out..

Our Application opens as a PDF document, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, click Here to download it for Free.

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